Welcome to KDTU!

    All our staff is doing the best to produce wheels according to the highest standards of quality and technolgy.

    We use only good quality raw materials for our wheels.

    The bodies of our wheels are made of aliminum alloy bars. It helps to get rigid properties of the bodies of wheels, to get exact geometrical sizes and to avoid disbalance.

    We have our own resin bond systems, which we can change according to the usage conditions of wheels. Each bond can be carefully adapted to the Customer's demands.

    Assortment of our products is wide. It is possible to see many differend wheels shapes at our Gallery.

    At present, our company can produce wheels starting from 6 mm to 350 mm.

    We do not have limits in production of any wheels shapes. Special ordered wheels are typical orderd for us.

    As usually, production period of orders is about 14 days.

    It is possible to order wheels by any convenien way. We will be glad for technical discussions and cooperation.